London: St. Paul’s Cathedral (Interior)

After a full day of traveling around South Bank and checking out Tate Modern I walked to Blackfriars to see St. Paul’s Cathedral. I was initially drawn to it because it’s resemblance to The Capitol Building in DC. I guess that’s the other way around considering the age of the cathedral. It was closed when I got there but I went back two days later. 

I was too underdressed to get into the highrise bar in The Shard to see that view over London so I figured St. Paul’s would work as a great alternative. It was definitely a workout to get to the highest point of the dome. I could’ve had a bigger breakfast to be honest but all the water I brought helped. In total it was 528 steps to the top. I got a panoramic view of Central London that was just spectacular. After taking all of that in I went back down to the central chamber to create a painting. 

They don’t allow photography inside the church but thankfully painting was not an issue. Using Procreate I created a loose composition with a lot of color that captures my feelings of awe and thankfulness for being able to take this trip. Art created using iPad Pro 9.7.

Copyright © 2018, Raheem Nelson. All rights reserved.
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