Raheem Nelson

Pop Art into Orbit

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my latest exhibitons.

This past Friday I closed out my installation with Weill Cornell Medical West. (East side site is still running) I made a lot of great connections and got a sense of how people feel about my current body of work. The canvases (32x42 in size) lit up the space and attracted many viewers. A friend from New Haven told me about Orbit Gallery in New Haven shortly after I took the work down from New York. Basically Orbit Gallery is a great alternative to Arts and Ideas and allows many local talents to showcase their work. Artists can sign up, show up and hang their work. It’s an excellent way to just level the playing field. The opening was last night and was amazing. Group shows are always amazing because they bring so many people together. All of the artists feed off of and share that energy. I brought out my easel set up (for the second time in a New Haven arts venue) to great success. It was amazing to look over my shoulder and see that groups of people were watching me work. iPad painting on an easel makes it much easier for people to appreciate what I do. Finally Procreate was kind enough to interview me for their artist spotlight. Check it out here.

Weill Cornel Medical West

iPad Painting at Orbit Gallery

My Hi-C iPad Canvas Print at Orbit Gallery

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