Pato Taquito

I’m starting a new series on the meals I enjoyed in Europe over the summer. While in London my friends introduced me to a chill, Spanish restaurant in Bloomsbury. The main course (Super Nachos) was very good but it was actually the appetizer that stood out to me. I glanced at the menu and noticed they served Duck Taquitos (Pato means duck in Spanish) Duck is one of my favorites but I don’t indulge that much because it’s fatty and generally expensive. 

Still, I was in London for the first time so the entire week was one big celebration for me. I took a reference photo for the painting because I knew I would need extra time to get it right. For this piece I took everything I learned while working on Sweetie Bake Your Day (in terms of developing my graphic style) and combined it with the oil painting techniques I know. The taquitos are the focus so I gave them colorful textures. Painting created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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