Portrait Art: Desiree Robinson

It’s been a few months since I created any digital portrait paintings so I decided to create this one of my stepdaughter, Desiree. I started with a rough sketch, refined it and then worked on the rough painting until I was happy with it. One of the most important factors for how I create portraits in Procreate is the process of blending. 

All of my portraits start out very rough but through blending I can smooth out the brush strokes and give the piece a more refined and realistic look. I do enjoy how the rough paintings look and sometimes I stop at this part of the process but since Desiree is a teenager I wanted to capture her youthful appearance. 

Procreate has a lot of options for blending so I experimented with a few different brushes to find out what I liked. Please see below for my process from sketch to the finished paintings.

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