Portrait Art: Yuzo Potts

 This was a portrait that I created for myself and others. We all have our own ways of processing grief. When my friend (and extended family) Yuzo passed away I went through a cocktail of intense sadness and rage. It was a low point that impacted not just my work and my leisure time but also my outlook on life. Things seemed empty and lackluster. Through many conversations and journaling I got to a point where I could celebrate his life through this illustrated portrait. I’m not claiming that I don’t still have days where I get the urge to call or text him or I just forget that he’s passed and I can’t physically see him anymore. He’s always with me though in spirit. If you’re missing him too I hope this brings you comfort. Please watch the video and check out the alternate versions of the portrait painting.

Copyright © 2018, Raheem Nelson. All rights reserved.
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