Revamping Old Work

MY current body of work revolves around Portraits, Pop Art and Landscape Art. This was not always the case though. My first entry into art was actually comics. I was inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog by Archie Comics, Marvel and DC Comics. I emulated them until I developed my own characters. I created and self published my own comics from grade school all the way through college. 

There was one comic that endured. Savior (originally called Thunderbolt) was a comic in the vein of Final Fantasy XII and Lord of The Rings. It was about a defamed knight and how he adjusts to his place in the world. The prologue issue became my main project at SVA for my second year there. I remember all of the research I did on The Crusades for inspiration. 

I’m fond of these characters and the world I created for them. I haven’t drawn them in about five years. Since I have learned so much about my craft I thought it would be fun to revamp the characters, world and story. This is going to be a long process (and I have freelance assignments to finish first.) so I started off by updating some of the core cast of characters you can them below alongside how I originally drew them.

Ronin (formerly Reaper and Thunderbolt before that.) The character was inspired by Auron from Final Fantasy X, Earth X’s Spider-Girl.

Here’s the original design.

Hunter Lockhart. I haven’t created a full body design for the update yet but I’m losing the gold and adding more red to the outfit.

Here’s the original. I was inspired by Vash The Stampede and Red Monika from Battle Chasers.

Riker. His design was inspired by Brass Demur from Battle Chasers.

The old and new designs are largely unchanged. I added pupils to the new version to help humanize him. the tattoos are also a different color.

Marcellus. This is Ronin’s human form before he lost his status as a Knight in The Royal Army.

The old design is a bit different from the revamp. I gave Marcellus a bald fade and tweaked the armor.

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