Raheem Nelson


While in Paris I frequented a small restaurant called Tabac D’Orsay. The service was good and they were more than willing to speak English. Although I think it helped that I greeted everyone in French as much as possible. Tabac was near Musee D’Orsay so I could easily grab an affordable lunch for a few euros after checking out some incredible art. Typically I ordered Salmon Sandwiches (see my previous post) and paired that with a glass or Rose. 

This painting started as an ink drawing but later on switched to a digital oil painting. Using Procreate I picked the “Oil Paint” Brush and loosely rendered the glass of wine. Light, shadow and various mid tones help make the glass look three dimensional. I’m reminded of how much fun I had in Paris when I create paintings from the trip. Lookout for my next post!

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