Self Portrait Remix: The Joker

When my photographer, Fox Hutson took the reference photo that would become my self portrait it dawned on me that the pose resembled The Joker as depicted by Brian Bolland for The Killing Joke cover. Alan Moore is the writer of this iconic Batman/Joker story and I thought it would be interesting to remix my own portrait to match. I started by creating a new layer in Procreate over my finished portrait (a copy of course) and I sketched over it for The Joker look. After I proceeded to “ink” using a variety of tools for a brush pen sort of look similar to the style of the over. Next came the color blocking and then the color separations. If you think about it like a coloring book I just used flat colors and then added light and shadow. Seeing myself depicted as The Joker is kind of eerie but I like it. I basically got two paintings out of one. Art created in Procreate on iPad Air. 

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