Style by Ra: Pocket Squares

Welcome to my blog! Here’s this week’s menswear tips.

Today I want to talk about pocket squares and a few ways you can fold them. A pocket square can add an extra flourish to an otherwise mundane look. The first fold I use is the square fold (rejuvenated by Mad Men.) It’s simple, elegant and draws the eye to the chest instead of the stomach. You can fold so that you see just a sliver of the fold or more. Second is the one point fold. I love this fold because it has a regal look to it. I generally fold my pocket square like this for events or when I need to teach a class. Finally the last fold I use is the puff fold. This one is great because it’s quick and easy but leaves an impression. In my next post I will talk about pairing a pocket square with your tie. To learn how to create these folds and more check out Sam Hober’s guide.

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