Raheem Nelson

Suit Series Illustration

I rarely do self portraits. Usually I would rather illustrate another subject and it’s a little eerie to see myself emerge from my digital canvas. Still, I knew I was overdue for a new portrait. I have illustrated myself in a realistic digital oil painting style so it seemed natural to switch styles. My love of Persona 5 inspired these illustrations stylistically and my love of fashion gave me focus. 

Fashion is my second passion aside from art. Specifically menswear. I used brands that I actually wear (The Tie Bar, Warby Parker and Combatant Gentleman) for inspiration. Using Procreate I created a template (similar to Dandy in The Bronx’s portrait series) that I could use to make a large series of art. Check out the process video and some of my favorite pieces in the series below. Art created by me on Procreate on iPad Pro.

Using Format