Raheem Nelson

Suit Up Series: Those Glenplaid Blues

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be reviewing Combatant Gentleman’s Steel Blue Glenplaid Double Breasted Suit.

So I ordered Combatant Gentleman’s Steel Blue Glenplaid Double Breasted Suit. This was part of their Spring/Summer collection and has unfortunately been discontinued. I wear a 38S normally but had to size down to 36 for a better fit. 

The blazer didn’t really need tailoring. The pants come unhemmed so I needed to visit the tailor. I went with a cuff and a slight break on the pants and let the waist out about an inch. They were originally a 28 and I’m about a 29 for waist. Overall I like the fit and the glenplaid (first time wearing this pattern btw.) is understated. If you’re not close you may miss it. The fabric is wool and feels light yet sturdy. 

We shot at Grand Central because like the look I went with, it’s classic. Fox (the photographer I work with.) helped me achieve my vision of a 1960s era commuter in the modern age. All those scenes in Mad Men where they’re rushing to work inspired me to go in this direction. 

I chose to share this image because it’s by far my favorite. The suit almost glows. In natural light the color is closer to a very pale blue but in Grand Central the hues are richer.

Speaking of differences, the Dumbo photoshoot (featuring my Combat Gent Charcoal Windowpane Suit.) was outdoors so this was a great change of pace. I look forward to adding this classy suit to my weekly rotation. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more photos from this shoot.

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