Testing the iPad Pro 12.9 Part I

I’m testing out the iPad Pro 12.9 for Apple and recording my thoughts and my first impressions. First I noticed just how big of a jump it is from my 10.5 to the massive 12.9 inch screen. I resisted going big for the longest time because I thought I would be losing portability. I’m happy to say that it hasn’t impacted me in a negative way. It fits in my bag just as well as the older Pro that I have. Furthermore there is no home button so I have to acclimate to the gestures and Face ID.

I haven’t had to much time as of yet to sit down with the 12.9 aside from creating this quick illustration inspired by ImageThink’s logo. (That’s the company I work for in Brooklyn.) I spent the weekend backing up all my Procreate and ArtRage artwork to files. This iPad has a terabyte of storage but I like to keep things lean. I will primarily be using this iPad to create art. Everything else can be done on my iPhone.

Last initial impression is that the new Pencil feels great in my hand. It has a more natural feel and is even easier to draw with. Being able to charge the tool by placing it on side of the iPad is also a welcome change. Having my pencil sticking out of the lightning port on the old iPad just seemed like a safety hazard. Overall I love it so far and look forward to continued testing. Check out the illustration I created below. Art created in Procreate on iPad Pro.

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