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Welcome to my blog. My name is Ra and I’m a Pop Artist. I use several iPad art apps to freehand create works of art. In this post I will be discussing my influences and new brand identity:

Over the course of the last summer I became enamored with Pop Art. I started with the greats, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein of course. It was never just about emulation. My mission was to create art that was reminiscent of theirs but also my own. I began to notice that my viewers gravitated and even bought pieces from me that were rooted in Pop Art. Subjects like Ramen Noodles, Twinkie, Brillo and Ritz were extremely well received. I spent days trying to figure out why that was. Seemingly out of the blue it hit me.

             These pieces were playing on nostalgia. People would tell me childhood stories or some other memories that were attached to what I painted. It dawned on me that that was the simple fact that sets me apart. Yes, I paint on an iPad and that's great but to me it's the subject matter that's most important. I'm already preparing for when iPad Art isn't underground and more widely accepted. Basically when more artists start using it as a creative tool. If I'm not distinguishing myself now I'll have problems later.

It’s worth noting that Technodrome1 (A notable Pop Artist and fellow SVA alum) was also a big inspiration on this shift in my work. The pop art I create is one part Warhol and one part Lichtenstein given that I have a Cartooning Illustrator background. What I offer my viewers is quality Pop Art and a warm feeling of nostalgia.

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