“Uncle Curt and Baby Stella” iPad Painting

I really wanted to challenge myself with the iPad Pro. Just to see what I could come up with over a long period of time. My Mom had a picture of my Uncle and cousin that she thought would make a great painting. Generally I don’t paint multiple subjects in one piece because with a high level of detail it takes a very long time. This is family so I made an exception. 

First I made a rough sketch of both subjects using the 6B Pencil tool in Procreate. Like my previous work I started in light blue as a base outline before switching to charcoal grey for the refining and matching the proportions. 

After getting to a point where I was happy with the proportions I was ready to paint. Now, the goal for this painting was not to recreate the photo. I wanted to make a great painting that captured the essence of my Uncle and cousin. I wanted a painterly look and feel similar to Jason Seiler and David Kassan.

To achieve that I used two brushes that I discovered on Procreate’s forums. The first is called Old Square Brush. I used that for my uncle because of it’s rough texture. The second is called Wet Oil b2. My baby cousin needed to be rendered in paint that was smooth enough to match her youth. 

I wanted to have visible brushstrokes with both subjects. It was a challenge not using the blender tool but I love the effects I was able to achieve with their skin tones. The background was painted at the very end and I used the Gaussian Blur tool to make the subjects stand out even more. Check out the steps below! The tutorial videos will be available on next week.

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