Utilizing the Digital Medium

One of the ways I experiment with my art is to save various copies so I can go back and see my progress. This is especially useful for creating alternate editions of a single illustration. Working digitally makes this very simple. For this exercise I created an illustration of Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki using Procreate on iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. 

First I roughed out the sketch a few times using the 2B Pencil. Next I moved on to a new favorite of mine, the Studio Pen to ink the art on a new layer. Now I create at least three copies of my work so I can have it in stages. Color was applied using the Round Brush for the initial version. After that I created more copies and more painterly approach with the Old Square Brush and the Acrylic Brush. There are alot more versions that you can see below. 

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