Raheem Nelson

Why Did I Choose Art?

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about how I got into art.

I’m actually not sure if I chose art or if it chose me. Art to me feels like a powerful force. It’s always on my mind whether I’m creating in the studio or walking through the park. I can’t help it. Art is my number one passion and a gigantic part of my identity. Looking back I’ve been drawing for most of my life. I started at age 7 and mainly copied Sonic Comics and Marvel. I emulated their 24 page structure and took on the roles of writer, artist, inker, etc. I self published my own comics monthly and shared them with my friends and family. I think that’s how I developed the discipline I have now. Imposing deadlines was great because I taught myself to create but with some restrictions. I always tell people that being an artist is not a nine to five. In most cases there is no steady income or medical benefits. It’s not an easy profession to do full time but it’s what I want for myself. Everyday I come closer and closer.

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