1. #stylechallenge part two

    2016-08-02 21:35:00 UTC
    I enjoyed the first #stylechallenge so much that I made another one. Again, this was made using Procreate on iPad Pro. The styles used were Archer, Dragonball-Z, The Simpsons, Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. All in all this was a very fun project.

  2. ArtRage for iPad: Using the Oil Brush

    2016-08-02 16:32:00 UTC
    To help people better understand how to use ArtRage I am putting together a video series of tutorials. Here is the first one. It’s on using the oil brush.  ArtRage gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment that lets you get

  3. iPad Pro (Day 25)

    2016-08-01 23:02:00 UTC
    I’ve really been into museum studies lately. Going to a place full of art and creating your own interpretations is always a great exercise. For the most part I created paintings of sculptures in the lobby of Yale’s Center for British Art. Sculpture isn’t something I excel at so I…

  4. Making My Patreon Video

    2016-07-28 16:17:00 UTC
    Making my Patreon Video was a very involved process. I started thinking of how to create an eye catching animated video to attract people to my page. I have experience creating animated advertisements for companies like Globalworks so I just pretended I was the client. The storyboards were created first…

  5. #stylechallenge part one

    2016-07-27 04:19:00 UTC
    I was inspired by the artwork Autumn Massaquoi created for Artist #stylechallenge and did my own series. One of the ways I learned how to draw was emulating other styles so this project brought me back to how I drew in grade school. The goal was to emulate styles I…

  6. iPad Art by RJ Part II

    2016-07-18 20:44:00 UTC
    Today I had my student RJ create some anatomy drawings on the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil. He has mastered Brushes Redux so we’ve moved on to Procreate. To begin he creates a sketch using the Pencil tool freehand. To enhance his anatomy studies I then have him trace…

  7. iPad Pro (Day 24)

    2016-07-16 14:35:00 UTC
    While in Manhattan recently I practiced speed painting at various galleries in Chelsea and Cooper Hewitt Museum. Speed painting means creating art that captures the subject as quickly as possible. It’s a great exercise for staying loose and really paying attention to what you’re painting. I spent five to ten…

  8. iPad Pro (Day 23)

    2016-07-05 17:27:00 UTC
    During another trip to New York City I created more paintings from life. These studies make use of the Old Square Brush from the Procreate forums. These pieces were done at Brooklyn Bridge Park and indoors at the Columbus Circle Shopping Center.  It was cloudy so the usual glare I…

  9. iPad Pro (Day 22)

    2016-07-01 16:03:00 UTC
    Today I experimented with a reference photo I took of a Camaro in Manhattan recently. Basically I created paintings in various styles to see how it affected the mode of each piece. The styles range from cartoony to painterly. Using different styles for the same reference photo is a good…

  10. iPad Pro (Day 21)

    2016-06-29 23:53:00 UTC
    I spent the day in Manhattan recently and came up a new series of paintings and illustrations. First I created a painting of a lion statue on 42nd st. I started it as a plein air and finished the art at the Mid Manhattan Library. My work has taken on…

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