Raheem Nelson


  1. Raheem Nelson Art @ CWOS Alternate Space

    Date 26 Oct 2018
    This year I will be exhibiting my paintings and prints at Yale’s West Campus for Artpsace’s City Wide Open Studios. I love participating in this event on a yearly basis. Being surrounded by fellow artists and patrons is always so much fun! I’ll be there from Saturday to Sunday. Hours…

  2. Raheem Nelson Art @ Bronx Native

    Date 15 Oct 2018
    This week I’m participating in the first BX Art Basel at The Bronx Native shop in New York City. This is part of a group show and each artist get their own week to exhibit art and this week is mine. Stop by during the week to check out my…

  3. Live Painting at CWOS

    Date 11 Oct 2018
    For the grand opening of this year’s City Wide Open Studios I was hired to live paint on my iPad. I went for a loose, gestural style to capture the mood. You can view the paintings below. All art created using Procreate. 

  4. Frank E. Brady

    Date 07 Oct 2018
    I have noticed a shift in my friend, Frank Brady. I have always known him to be focused, positive and extremely influential. As of late he has taken his public speaking, poetry and hustle to new heights. This man does not know what a glass ceiling is. It seemed like…

  5. Self Portrait

    Date 28 Sep 2018
    The last realistic looking self portrait I created was last year in December. Creating illustrations of my self is rare especially in this style. The reason for that is it’s always a little eerie to see myself emerge from a digital canvas. I used a reference photo that a friend of…

  6. Amaurys Grullon

    Date 24 Sep 2018
    Amaurys is a creative entrepreneur based in The Bronx. I met him through my friend Diego (who I also painted) at Amaurys’s shop, The Bronx Native. This was my first real experience in The BX and I just loved the vibe. I always try to pick dynamic individuals as my…

  7. Preview: Dream Chronicles

    Date 17 Sep 2018
    I’m happy announce my new project! I was referred to author, KaMyka Glenn to illustrate her children’s book, Dream Chronicles. I illustrated the entire book over the course of a year using Procreate on my iPad. From storyboards to the finished product I throughly enjoyed illustrating my first children’s book…

  8. Dani Jo

    Date 16 Sep 2018
    I like the momentum I have so far with my portrait paintings as of late so with that in mind I created another one. I chose to paint my friend, Dani Jo. She is an activist and creator of the brand, Sour Tiger. I illustrated this portrait with three backgrounds…

  9. Rahisha Bivens

    Date 08 Sep 2018
    Keeping with my momentum on portrait paintings I started a series of paintings on my girlfriend, Rahisha. She is a dynamic and charismatic woman with many talents. Rahisha is a serial entrepreneur, creative director, activist, producer and many other things. I wanted to create a small series that would convey…

  10. Dandy in The Bronx

    Date 05 Sep 2018
    This is my fourth time illustrating Diego Leon aka Dandy in The Bronx. He’s multifaceted, inspiring and the life of the party. I have enjoyed watching him grow more successful since I met him at The Tie Bar’s Pop Up shop in Nolita. I went with a painterly style to…

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