1. Kratos: Spartan Rage Variant

    17 May 2018
    I love that it’s so easy to create copies and alternate versions of my iPad Art. One of my students gave me the idea to revisit my Kratos painting and render him in his powered up “God mode” aka Spartan Rage. First I used the Light pen in Procreate to…

  2. Kratos

    11 May 2018
    The new God of War is pretty amazing to say the least. It has elements from the core games but feels closer to The Last of Us to me. I’ve been in the mood to create some portraits as of late so I decided to paint the protagonist, Kratos. It…

  3. The French Connection

    29 Apr 2018
    My previous posts on Paris, France were discovered by Your RV Lifestyle. I love not only showcasing my artwork but also providing travel tips as well. I loved Paris but it was daunting to not only travel by myself but also figure out where to go and where to stay…

  4. San Pedro

    10 Apr 2018
    I stayed in an area in Old Havana that was a ten minute walk from the water. I could literally wake up and walk to the water to take in the ocean breeze and watch all of the old 50’s era cars whiz by. There was an aqua green colored…

  5. San Rafael

    05 Apr 2018
    One day in Cuba I was walking aimlessly until I found San Rafael. It was a bustling part of town near Parque Central. The streets were filled to the brim with tourists and locals alike. I sat across from La Floridita (which was frequented by Ernest Hemingway) to take a…

  6. Havana Buick

    27 Mar 2018
    One of the things I enjoyed most about Havana were all of the old cars. Primarily they were taxis that would attract plenty of tourists. They came in all colors of the rainbow. I took the reference photo for this painting on Avenue del Puerto which was close to wear…

  7. Classic

    26 Mar 2018
    One of the things I was looking forward to most about Cuba were the classic cars. I was not disappointed whatsoever. It felt like I was on a movie set with so many cars from the 50s and 60s whizzing by me. For the most part they were unofficial taxi…

  8. Nelson

    22 Mar 2018
    One of my main goals during my visit to Cuba was to interact with locals. Due to restrictions on travel it was one of my pre-requisites. I went to Havana for photography and journalistic purposes. I wanted to make sure I documented everything I was doing just in case I…

  9. Callejon de Hamel

    19 Mar 2018
    About halfway in my Cuba trip I ran into a schoolteacher named Rafael. He told me about the Afro Cuban Religion in Havana. This place was in Centro Habana and was called Callejon de Hamel. We took a crowded bus outside of Old Havana and ended up there in about…

  10. Merced

    18 Mar 2018
    Instead of trying to recount why I created this painting I’m just going share a part of one of my journals from Cuba. This is from my second day in Old Havana.  I moved on to walk through Merced. (The street where I’m staying.) I definitely felt comfortable now. I

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