1. Family Portrait

    2016-10-29 23:42:35 UTC
    My Mom commissioned me (pro-bono of course because family doesn’t pay) to illustrate our family. I’ve been getting back to my Pop Art style since I got the Apple Pencil.  It allows for more line weight variety and makes the illustration feel solid. Illustrating the three of us was challenging…

  2. Freelancing Tips (Video)

    2016-10-21 04:11:00 UTC
    I wanted to create a short video on some of the things I’ve learned about freelancing. It was made with illustrators in mind but there are tips that you can apply for virtually any work for hire situation. I hope you find it helpful.

  3. City Wide Open Studios: Armory Weekend Recap

    2016-10-17 23:45:00 UTC
    I had so much fun exhibiting my work at City Wide Open Studios. The New Haven Armory is the designated alternate space for artists around town to show their work. Each artist is assigned a room, some shared, some solo I had a small room but did I make the…

  4. Using Flipboard for Content

    2016-10-10 18:08:00 UTC
    I put together a brief video on how to use Flipboard (on iOS and Android) to find and use content. Consider it a follow up to my last Flipboard video on promotion. You can view the video below…

  5. City Wide Open Studios Opening Reception

    2016-10-09 22:32:00 UTC
    Friday kicked off the opening reception of City Wide Open Studios. While attending events like this I like to paint live. It’s really important for networking and educating people about the type of art I do. I painted some still lives and studies of work by Eben King, Melanie Carr…

  6. Pop Art Commission

    2016-10-07 12:54:00 UTC
    I’m thrilled I can finally share one of the private commissions I’ve taken on lately. With work like this you want to make sure everything is signed off on before it’s posted. The work was done for friends of a friend and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  It…

  7. Cottonmouth iPad Painting

    2016-10-03 20:39:00 UTC
    I just finished binge watching Luke Cage and I absolutely loved it. One scene that stood out for me was with Mahershala Ali’s (House of Cards) Cottonmouth standing in front of his portrait of Biggie Smalls. I paused the episode and created this ArtRage painting to capture the scene. There…

  8. Stranger Things Event Recap

    2016-09-26 12:09:00 UTC
    On Saturday I attended the Stranger Things Creators and Cast Panel at the Samsung Store in The Meatpacking District. I’m a big fan of the show and Kyle Lambert’s dynamic poster. The Duffer Brothers and Noah Schnapp (he plays Will) were on hand to talk about the show and field…

  9. Project Upgrade: GQ x Bloomingdale’s

    2016-09-19 22:22:00 UTC
    During NYFW I also attended GQ’s Style Upgrade at Bloomingdales in Manhattan. Using Paper 53 I created some live illustrations of some mannequins and party guests. Painting live at parties is always rewarding because of the energy in the room. I love fielding questions about my work as well. All…

  10. #NYFW x Nolcha Shows Part 2

    2016-09-17 15:40:00 UTC
    I was invited to ArtBeam Studios in Chelsea to check out Nolcha Shows for New York Fashion Week.   “The Nolcha Shows are a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and…

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