1. “We Are Dandy” Event Recap

    2017-03-16 18:59:00 UTC
    Last week I attended a book signing for We Are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman Around The World. It was at the glamorous National Arts Club in New York City. I have a great appreciation for dandy style because it’s part of my brand and one of my main passions. I…

  2. From The Elm to The Empire: The Editions

    2017-03-14 17:53:00 UTC
    From The Elm to The Empire is a massive project. I created over one hundred iPad Paintings over a four year period. Because of this I’m actually publishing three editions of my artbook. The first version is called The Standard Edition. It’s a 74 page paperback book priced at $22.50…

  3. Art Video: An Ode to Childish Gambino

    2017-03-04 17:29:00 UTC
    Recently I created a series of paintings inspired by Childish Gambino’s album, “Awaken, My Love!” Check out the art video behind the paintings below…

  4. From The Elm to The Empire: The Inspirations

    2017-02-28 16:50:00 UTC
    Jorge Colombo, David Hockney, and Edward Hopper were my main inspirations behind the creation of this book. The layout is loosely inspired by Jorge’s artbook of iPhone paintings, New York. In it he captured his perspective of the city. I was inspired to capture New Haven and New York since…

  5. Shake Up Your Perspective, Shake Out Creativity

    2017-02-22 21:29:00 UTC
    Today I’m sharing a guest blog by Larry Mager from Check it out below… Americans tend to categorize themselves as “creative” or “not creative”. The truth is that anyone can be creative. By changing your perspective, working within your boundaries, and changing your surroundings, you can improve your creative…

  6. From The Elm to The Empire: The Process

    2017-02-21 16:56:00 UTC
    Each painting in this book was created in a variety of ways. First I chose an app on my iPad I wanted to paint with. I limited myself to Procreate, Brushes Redux, Sketchbook Pro, and ArtRage. The amount of time I had available usually dictated what app I used.  The…

  7. Revamping Old Work

    2017-02-20 01:01:00 UTC
    MY current body of work revolves around Portraits, Pop Art and Landscape Art. This was not always the case though. My first entry into art was actually comics. I was inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog by Archie Comics, Marvel and DC Comics. I emulated them until I developed my own…

  8. American Fango

    2017-02-15 22:18:26 UTC
    In Greenwich last week I was invited to watch the amazing indie film, American Fango. Afterward I got a chance to create some live paintings of the Director and Producer that were also in attendance. Art created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

  9. From The Elm to The Empire: The Concept

    2017-02-14 01:00:00 UTC
    I was born and raised in New Haven, CT. Since I was very young I’ve been passionate about the arts. That passion brought me to New York City where I attended The School of Visual Arts. Since I graduated I have been traveling back and forth between New Haven and…

  10. Murals at Royal Sushi & Bar

    2017-02-14 00:53:40 UTC
    I’m happy to announce as of October, Royal Sushi and Bar is open for business. My murals are prominently featured on their restaurant walls for all to see. If you’re in New Orleans you can visit them at 1913 Royal St, New Orleans, LA. There website can be found at…

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