1. WoW: Voices of Youth

    29 May 2019
    My second collaboration with children’s book author, KaMyka Glenn is now available on Lulu. Check out the description of this exciting new project and images from the book below!  iDream Academy founder created the Within Our world (W.O.W) voices of youth writing workshop in an effort to provide a creative

  2. Testing the iPad Pro 12.9 Part III

    12 May 2019
    Recently I attended How Design Live 2019 in Chicago. I was there on assignment for ImageThink to create a mural on the expo floor. Aside from that I also made time to attend conference talks and do some graphic recording on my new iPad Pro. To backtrack my job for…

  3. Testing the iPad Pro 12.9 Part II

    12 Apr 2019
    This week I have been integrating the new iPad into my freelance work, my personal work and for my new job at ImageThink. There is a crispness and clarity to my images on the new pro that is immediately noticeable. The colors really pop. The projects I’m working on range…

  4. Nipsey Hussle

    02 Apr 2019
    The art I enjoy creating the most has a clear message. I was on the phone with my friend Chris (C-E-O) Ortiz. He paused and told me that Nipsey Hussle had been shot and killed in Los Angeles in front of his clothing store. Part of me wasn’t shocked because…

  5. Testing the iPad Pro 12.9 Part I

    01 Apr 2019
    I’m testing out the iPad Pro 12.9 for Apple and recording my thoughts and my first impressions. First I noticed just how big of a jump it is from my 10.5 to the massive 12.9 inch screen. I resisted going big for the longest time because I thought I would…

  6. Behind The Brand

    28 Feb 2019
    For this post I wanted to switch things up from the usual and talk about my brand identity. Over the years I have played with different business card styles. They were cool at the time but I was never really satisfied with them. I wanted something iconic. Eventually I decided…

  7. Jessica Williams

    26 Feb 2019
    For Black History Month I have been creating a small series on Black Women that inspire me in different ways. (Tracee Ellis Ross, Willow Smith) Jessica Williams is a former correspondent of The Daily Show and has since branched out into Netflix specials and becoming one part of the 2…

  8. Tracee Ellis Ross

    19 Feb 2019
    I have wanted to paint another realistic portrait of an actress I admire and respect for a few weeks. Now that I am on vacation I have the time to dedicate to creating a portrait like this. I chose to paint Tracee Ellis Ross because she’s a great actress and…

  9. Willow Smith

    13 Feb 2019
    I’m back to creating celebrity portraits in my artwork. This painting of Willow Smith is a spiritual successor to the piece I did on Solange last year. Using the Procreate app I sketched the figure using the HB Pencil tool. Once I got all of the proportions right I moved…

  10. Animated Superman and Lois (Homage)

    05 Feb 2019
    I love experimenting with different styles and just seeing what I can accomplish as an artist. Growing up I watched Superman, Batman and The Justice League. Bruce Timm’s style never made it into my own cartooning work (I gravitated towards Bryan Hitch, Greg Land and Leinil Francis Yu) but I…

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