1. Portrait Art: Yuzo Potts

    2021-05-10 17:03:10 UTC
     This was a portrait that I created for myself and others. We all have our own ways of processing grief. When my friend (and extended family) Yuzo passed away I went through a cocktail of intense sadness and rage. It was a low point that impacted not just my work…

  2. ArtRage Vitae Mobile: Green Apple Study

    2021-05-10 16:58:56 UTC
    In this video I show you how to create a realistic still life painting of a Green Apple using the app ArtRage Vitae. ArtRage Vitae Mobile is available now on iOS and Google Play.

  3. ArtRage Vitae Mobile: Basics

    2021-04-16 13:21:27 UTC
    In this video  I show you how to create a canvas, use the oils brush, paint tube and palette knife. Features are also in the ArtRage Mobile  Classic but are smoother and more powerful in the new ArtRage Mobile Vitae. Available now on iOS and Google Play. 

  4. Client Work: My Invisalign Journey

    2020-11-05 22:26:52 UTC
    In collaboration with The Center For Esthetic Dentistry I created an artistic time lapse video of my Invisalign process. This involved created the art in Procreate and putting all the frames in iMovie to create the narrative. A script was created, I recorded voiceover and added music to bring it…

  5. Portrait Art: Desiree Robinson

    2020-09-05 14:21:19 UTC
    It’s been a few months since I created any digital portrait paintings so I decided to create this one of my stepdaughter, Desiree. I started with a rough sketch, refined it and then worked on the rough painting until I was happy with it. One of the most important factors…

  6. Bake Your Day Series: Olive Oil Cake

    2020-07-28 12:57:40 UTC
    Today I’m starting a new series of paintings on food art. I’m collaborating with my friend and fellow creator, Amanda Glover (Amanda Bakes) to create illustrations based on her delicious recipes. This is our second collaboration since we published the recipe book, Sweetie Bake Your Day. (Which is available here.)…

  7. Citrus

    2020-07-26 20:15:32 UTC
    I’ve stayed busy during COVID with photography, videography and freelance illustration. What I didn’t create was any artwork for myself. So, I let myself go through this space and found inspiration through a website called Unsplash. After gathering reference photos I decided to get back into creating food paintings. This…

  8. Little Robots

    2020-03-10 14:51:25 UTC
    Recently I decided to “reboot” my Little Robots comic series. I began the series in 2012 and it was in the same vein as a Sunday strip. My inspirations were Japanese manga, The Peanuts and The Boondocks. I continued it for several years before letting it go and focusing other…

  9. Seattle Superman

    2020-02-27 13:39:18 UTC
    Wow, I haven’t blogged in a long time. Today I’m adding something new and making a commitment to posting on a more regular basis. Jonathan Belle aka The Black Superman or Seattle Superman is a cosplayer, photographer, traveler and just an inspiration. I’ve been following his account on Instagram for…

  10. Graphic Recording of Monday’s at The Beinecke

    2019-10-31 01:07:33 UTC
    Here’s my second graphic recording of a talk at Yale. I decided to attend a gallery talk at The Beinecke. The talk was on films by Gil Wolman, censorship and pushing the boundaries in the 1950s. Since this was a very brief talk (15 minutes) I captured a few main…

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