Raheem Nelson


  1. #WhereIsRa?: Apple Upper West Side

    Date 03 Feb 2016
    Yesterday I led a workshop at Apple’s Upper West Side store. Using an iPad Pro I showed participants how to create Portraits and Pop Art using Procreate and Paper 53. Photos by Fox Hutson and Apple. Workshop video coming soon.

  2. Handling your Freelance Taxes

    Date 26 Jan 2016
    With tax season rapidly approaching I thought it would be a great idea to share this article by Toptal on doing taxes as a freelancer. I, myself have had various freelance opportunities this year and a lot of that makes doing taxes more complicated. Take a look at the article…

  3. Self Portrait Remix: The Joker

    Date 17 Jan 2016
    When my photographer, Fox Hutson took the reference photo that would become my self portrait it dawned on me that the pose resembled The Joker as depicted by Brian Bolland for The Killing Joke cover. Alan Moore is the writer of this iconic Batman/Joker story and I thought it would…

  4. #WhereIsRa?: Washington Square Park

    Date 13 Jan 2016
    Recently I collaborated with my stylish friend and fashion blogger, Diego aka Dandy in The Bronx on a photoshoot for Combatant Gentleman. (more on that soon.) The idea was that I was a street artist capturing his likeness while we both sported these suits. As photoshoots go it was light and…

  5. Featured Illustration: Ra

    Date 03 Jan 2016
    I rarely do self portraits. If I’m illustrating a subject I would rather choose someone else instead of looking inward. The few times I do choose self portraiture is always a rewarding experience. I learn a lot about who I am as a person and an artist. I had my…

  6. Suit Up Series: Camel Coat and Guncheck Suit

    Date 29 Dec 2015
    Since last year I wanted a topcoat to stay dapper and warm in the cold winter months. Thanks to Combatant Gentleman I was able to find one that is not only warm but fits like a glove right out of the box. I decided on a camel color for the…

  7. #WhereIsRa?: Try The World Pop Up Event

    Date 14 Dec 2015
    It has been a whirlwind month so far with little time for blogging. Today I’m fixing that. Last Friday I was invited to paint live at The Try The World Pop Up shop in Manhattan.  Try The World is a subscription box with gourmet food from around the world. I…

  8. Suit Up Series: Those Glenplaid Blues

    Date 09 Nov 2015
    Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be reviewing Combatant Gentleman’s Steel Blue Glenplaid Double Breasted Suit So I ordered Combatant Gentleman’s Steel Blue Glenplaid Double Breasted Suit. This was part of their Spring/Summer collection and has unfortunately been discontinued. I wear a 38S normally but had to…

  9. Hands on with iPad Pro

    Date 20 Oct 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Today’s post is all about the iPad Pro.  Recently Apple invited me to an exclusive party in Manhattan to try out the upcoming iPad Pro. I was able to create some paintings on it using the Apple Pencil and will share my thoughts on the device.…

  10. Featured Illustration: The New Haven Green

    Date 08 Oct 2015
    Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my latest urban landscape painting I walk by through the New Haven Green every time I head Downtown. When I create a location based painting I try to draw from an emotional attachment. There are many great events…

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