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  1. Featured Illustration: Jorge Colombo (Alternate Version)

    04 Oct 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Today I’m sharing an alternate version of my latest portrait painting.  Whenever I work on a portrait for a few days I create multiple copies to save different parts of the process. It’s a great way to have a backup copy in case of an emergency.…

  2. Featured Illustration: Jorge Colombo

    01 Oct 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Today I’m sharing my painting of renowned artist, Jorge Colombo. He also took the time to answer some questions…  1. What inspired you to take up iPhone and then iPad Painting? Jorge: I used to work with ink and watercolors but it was complicated to paint

  3. Featured Illustration: Lindsey Pina

    22 Sep 2015
    Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my latest portrait painting.  A lot people notice my portraits when they look at my online portfolio. I’m all about capturing the essence of my subjects. They also wonder why I don’t have more of them. The reason…

  4. #WhereIsRa?: GQ + Bloomingdale’s Fall Suit Upgrade

    19 Sep 2015
    This blog marks the conclusion of my New York Fashion Week Coverage.  Last night at Bloomingdales, GQ hosted a menswear fashion event complete with personal shopping, haircuts, shoe shining and much more. GQ Insider, Leo Chan was one of the hosts for the event so that’s how I heard about…

  5. #WhereIsRa?: Essence Street Style Block Party

    15 Sep 2015
    My New York Fashion Week experience continues with Essence’s Street Style Block Party in Dumbo.  I attended last Sunday and created some live paintings of the jovial crowd. Dumbo is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn. There was live music, performances, lectures, and vendors. It was an…

  6. #WhereIsRa?: The Tailory’s NYFW Party

    12 Sep 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Today I will be talking about some paintings I did to celebrate New York Fashion Week. This past Thursday I went to The Tailory to check out their Fall Lookbook featuring GQ Insider, Leo Chan. “The concept behind The Tailory is very simple-Unique design plus impeccable

  7. Style by Ra: The Navy Suit

    07 Sep 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Here’s this week’s menswear tips The Navy suit is definitely my workhouse. I get so much mileage out of this suit it’s ridiculous. I would say if you had to have one suit Navy would be your best bet. It can be paired with many…

  8. #WhereIsRa?: Windowpane Shoot NYC

    29 Aug 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Today I will be talking about a photoshoot I had in New York City.  Yesterday I went to New York to get some photos taken of me in my new Charcoal Windowpane suit from Combatant Gentleman. I enlisted the help of the very talented photographer, Fox…

  9. Style by Ra: The Grey/Charcoal Suit

    23 Aug 2015
    Welcome to my blog! Here’s this week’s menswear tips For this article I will be talking about the grey suit and the charcoal grey suit. Lighter grays are seen as more casual and can be dressed up or down.If an office for example has a strict dress code you…

  10. Featured Illustration: Dandy In The Bronx

    18 Aug 2015
    Today’s blog post is a little different. I have a special interview with GQ Insider and Menswear Influencer, Diego León aka Dandy In The Bronx. Check out the interview and the portrait painting below… 1. Where does the “Dandy in The Bronx” brand symbolize for you? Diego: It’s my way

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