1. iPad Pro (Day 2)

    2016-03-31 01:08:00 UTC
    Welcome back for Day 2 of my iPad Pro coverage. Since the 9.7 inch is identical to my Air I can just slip it in my bag and be on my way. At this point I’m feeling more confident with the Pencil and using the pressure sensitivity. I’m using a…

  2. iPad Pro (Day 1)

    2016-03-31 00:05:00 UTC
    Today is the first part of my review of the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. This review will be over an extended period of time using all of the apps I use for my personal and professional work. I will be starting with Procreate first because it is the app I…

  3. Testing the iPad Pro

    2016-03-27 18:55:00 UTC
    Apple invited me to explore the new iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I will be creating art exclusively on the new Pro and comparing it to my iPad Air. Below are some paintings I created in Manhattan and Dumbo (on my Air) to have paintings to compare and contrast when I…

  4. Stamford Art Show Recap

    2016-03-26 14:58:00 UTC
    This past Thursday I headlined a Digital Art Exhibition at 66 Summer St in beautiful Stamford, CT. It was the very first of it’s kind in the area. 66 Summer St is a brand new apartment building that overlooks the NYC skyline. The party was on the first and second…

  5. Featured Illustration: Unique Jones

    2016-02-12 12:11:00 UTC
    With every portrait I try to push myself harder to improve my craft and take risks. Usually in Procreate I paint with a tool called the Flat Brush. Something about this particular portrait inspired me to try an imported tool called the Dry Brush. It gives an oil on canvas…

  6. Pop Art and Portraits Workshop Video

    2016-02-04 05:26:00 UTC
    As promised in my previous post I complied the footage from my Apple Workshop into a video. I go over techniques for creating Pop Art and Portraits using the iPad Pro. Check it out below…

  7. #WhereIsRa?: Apple Upper West Side

    2016-02-03 00:33:00 UTC
    Yesterday I led a workshop at Apple’s Upper West Side store. Using an iPad Pro I showed participants how to create Portraits and Pop Art using Procreate and Paper 53. Photos by Fox Hutson and Apple. Workshop video coming soon.

  8. Handling your Freelance Taxes

    2016-01-26 20:21:00 UTC
    With tax season rapidly approaching I thought it would be a great idea to share this article by Toptal on doing taxes as a freelancer. I, myself have had various freelance opportunities this year and a lot of that makes doing taxes more complicated. Take a look at the article…

  9. Self Portrait Remix: The Joker

    2016-01-17 19:45:00 UTC
    When my photographer, Fox Hutson took the reference photo that would become my self portrait it dawned on me that the pose resembled The Joker as depicted by Brian Bolland for The Killing Joke cover. Alan Moore is the writer of this iconic Batman/Joker story and I thought it would…

  10. #WhereIsRa?: Washington Square Park

    2016-01-13 15:31:00 UTC
    Recently I collaborated with my stylish friend and fashion blogger, Diego aka Dandy in The Bronx on a photoshoot for Combatant Gentleman. (more on that soon.) The idea was that I was a street artist capturing his likeness while we both sported these suits. As photoshoots go it was light…

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