1. “Dandy In The Bronx” iPad Paintings

    2016-12-30 13:54:00 UTC
    I’m thrilled to announce my new collaboration with menswear and lifestyle blogger, Dandy In The Bronx. (Diego León) Last month I approached Diego about creating a series of portraits on his best looks from 2016. It’s in the same vein as a “greatest hits.”  He chose his favorite looks and…

  2. Studies from The Brooklyn Museum

    2016-12-29 23:25:45 UTC
    Recently I checked out The Brooklyn Museum for the first time. Painted studies in museums was something that seemed really obnoxious to me when I was in college at School of Visual Arts. Now that I’m older I see the value in creating them. Drawing and painting from life continues…

  3. “Judy Hopps” iPad Painting

    2016-12-27 21:01:54 UTC
    Can I say how much I loved Zootopia? It’s definitely one of my favorite animated movies, period. With some time off between commissions I put together some fan art of protagonist, Judy Hopps.  Similar to the Camaro illustrations I did earlier this year I wanted to take a single image…

  4. “Iris Schencke” iPad Painting Process Video

    2016-12-11 21:42:00 UTC
    Check out my in depth video behind my latest portrait commission! Art created using Procreate on iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil. Video created using iMovie.

  5. Study of Mrs. James Guthrie by Frederic Leighton

    2016-11-30 23:44:13 UTC
    Since New Haven is home to incredible art galleries like the Yale Center for British Art I have actively been going there more. I like to pick a painting in the room and create my interpretation of it. When I got there the other day I immediately knew which painting…

  6. Storytellers In Fashion 2016 Recap

    2016-11-29 22:14:59 UTC
    Last year I collaborated with Lifestyle brand 54 Kingdoms on a new project of theirs. It’s finally come to fruition and to celebrate they hosted a night of music, storytelling and of course fashion at DROM in Alphabet City. Check out some of the iPad Paintings i created through the…

  7. “Iris Schencke” iPad Painting

    2016-11-28 22:27:11 UTC
    I’m very excited to share one of the many commissions I’ve had recently. My good friend and fellow iPad Artist, Iris commissioned me to paint her portrait in the same vein as my Mom’s portrait.  It would be done in a painterly style with some visible brush strokes. Illustrating people…

  8. Studies from The Yale Art Gallery

    2016-11-20 18:44:00 UTC
    Unfortunately I’ve been sick for the past week. Just a cold but it has inhibited my workflow to say the least. Thankfully I’m out of the woods now. I had cabin fever this past weekend so I managed to venture out to The Yale Art Gallery to do create some…

  9. Curating Photos for Paintings

    2016-11-20 18:22:00 UTC
    As a visual artist I also became a photographer out of necessity. Whether I’m painting urban landscapes or people having a reference point is great. I used to use photos from Google for most of my work but at the end of the day it’s someone else’s property. It’s much…

  10. The Norwegian Wool Experience Recap

    2016-11-18 17:51:00 UTC
    Last week I attended The Norwegian Wool Experience in Manhattan. It was organized by Style Chronicles and hosted by The Plainville Gent and my always stylish friend, Dandy In The Bronx. Here’s some info about the event via his website:  “Norwegian Wool has mixed technology and fashion to bring you

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