1. From The Elm to The Empire: The Covers

    2017-02-08 22:25:00 UTC
    Today I’m revealing the cover and back cover to my artbook, From The Elm to The Empire. The concept of the book is a visual journal of my experiences in New Haven and New York City. From The Elm to The Empire goes on sale April 13th on There…

  2. Gather Out of Star-Dust Recap

    2017-02-06 23:03:00 UTC
    Recently I went to Gather Out of Star-Dust at The Beinecke Library. It was a party for the Harlem Renaissance themed exhibition that is currently running there. Check out the paintings I made below. Art created using ArtRage on iPad Pro.

  3. Online Store

    2017-02-03 23:12:00 UTC
    I’m launching my revamped Online Store. You can purchase my iPad Paintings as photo prints and have them shipped to you! There is something for everyone! Check out the new store here.


    2017-02-02 23:21:00 UTC
    Yesterday I did a Instagram Takeover for my good friend and collaborator, Diego Leon aka Dandy In The Bronx. Basically I was a reporter covering a specific event for Men’s New York Fashion Week. Last year I checked out Nolcha Shows and this year I covered LANDLORD. I really enjoyed…

  5. From The Elm to The Empire (New Haven Teaser Trailer)

    2017-01-31 22:46:00 UTC
    Check out the second trailer for my upcoming artbook, From The Elm to The Empire. See New Haven from my perspective. Coming soon on Featuring art created on iPad Pro. 

  6. Harriott Home Health Animation

    2017-01-19 23:19:00 UTC
    Sometimes when I’m creating work for my clients there are tons of revisions. It comes with the job. That means I can’t share work I may be excited about until all the parties involved sign off on the work. Last year I was commissioned to create an animated advertisement for…

  7. From The Elm to The Empire (NYC Teaser Trailer)

    2017-01-03 22:57:00 UTC
    Here’s your first look at my next artbook, From The Elm to The Empire! It features original paintings created on iPad Pro. Look out for it on Lulu this Spring! Check out the video below!

  8. “Dandy In The Bronx” Art Video

    2017-01-02 22:20:00 UTC
    Procreate is the app I used to create these illustrations of Diego aka Dandy In The Bronx. It has this cool feature where it automatically records every line and brushstroke. Check out my art process video below to get a behind the scenes look at my collaboration with Diego. Video…

  9. “Dandy In The Bronx” iPad Paintings

    2016-12-30 13:54:00 UTC
    I’m thrilled to announce my new collaboration with menswear and lifestyle blogger, Dandy In The Bronx. (Diego León) Last month I approached Diego about creating a series of portraits on his best looks from 2016. It’s in the same vein as a “greatest hits.”  He chose his favorite looks and…

  10. Studies from The Brooklyn Museum

    2016-12-29 23:25:45 UTC
    Recently I checked out The Brooklyn Museum for the first time. Painted studies in museums was something that seemed really obnoxious to me when I was in college at School of Visual Arts. Now that I’m older I see the value in creating them. Drawing and painting from life continues…

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